Best 1 Player Board Games (Low Complexity)

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⭐️ Top Picks

These are the games that we feel are the best options in this category, and that we have in our own collections to fill this niche.



Release Year: 2018 Complexity: Low

  👥  1-4 Players

  ⏰  10-20 min

  💸 ~$12

  🔗  Buy

Summary: Place and overlap city layout cards to meet variable scoring criteria in this 18-card wallet game.

You Might Like If… you enjoy spatial puzzles and want a quick solo experience, but one that has great replay value since the 3 scoring objectives are randomly chosen every game.

 👀 Worth a Look

These are games that we have not had the chance to try ourselves, but that we believe could be a good fit based on our research.

Orchard: A 9 Card Solitaire Game


Release Year: 2018 Complexity: Low

  👥  1 Player

  ⏰  5-10 min

  💸 ~$16

  🔗  Buy

Summary: Create the most fruitful miniature orchard, but beware of rotten fruit!

You Might Like If… you want a really quick and easy solo game that gives you a fun, casual puzzle to solve.