Best 6 Player Board Games (High Complexity)

Looking for a 6-player, heavy strategy game that rewards players who are willing to learn the complex ruleset and decision space? Here are our recommendations.

⭐️ Top Picks

Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition

🟢 Ryan’s #32 All-Time 🔴 Daniel’s #1 All-Time


Release Year: 2017 Complexity: High

  👥  3-6* Players

  ⏰  360-600 min

  💸 ~$140

  🔗  Buy

* 8 players with expansion

Summary: Build an intergalactic empire through in this epic game of trade, research, conquest, and grand politics.

You Might Like If… you enjoy civilization-style games with lots of asymmetrical factions and upgrades, and want an epic full-day experience that is a rich combination of engine-building, combat, politics, and hidden objectives.

👍 Honorable Mentions

Sidereal Confluence


Release Year: 2017 Complexity: High

  👥  4-9 Players

  ⏰  120-180 min

  💸 ~$70

  🔗  Buy

Summary: Play as one of nine alien races wheeling and dealing with the rest of the galaxy as you build up your technologies to be as efficient as possible.

You Might Like If… you enjoy engine-building games and open trading with other players, and want a unique and epic experience with highly asymmetrical factions that can support high player counts.