Best 10 Player Board Games (Low-Medium Complexity)

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These are the games that we feel are the best options in this category, and that we have in our own collections to fill this niche.



Release Year: 2019 Complexity: Low-Medium

  👥  1-100 Players

  ⏰  30-60 min

  💸 ~$25

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Summary: Fit shapes of various terrains into your map, doing your best to fill in space efficiently while also meeting the scoring conditions for that game.

You Might Like If… you enjoy spatial puzzles (think Tetris) and want a game that plays great across a broad range of players with a nice amount of variety from game to game with randomized objectives.

👍 Honorable Mentions

While these games missed the cut for our top recommendations in this category, we still think they would be great options for a lot of people.

Welcome To…


Release Year: 2018 Complexity: Low-Medium

  👥  1-100 Players

  ⏰  20-40 min

  💸 ~$30

  🔗  Buy

Summary: Plan ahead as you number your houses and design your neighborhood in this simultaneous-play flip-and-write game.

You Might Like If… you enjoy working on a puzzle where you need to plan ahead and want a game that can plays well anywhere from 2 players to 12+ players. The sequel Welcome to the Moon is our personal favorite in this line, but only supports 6 players, so the original is still a great option for playing with large groups.