Best 1 Player Board Games (Medium Complexity)

Looking for a solo strategy game that has plenty of interesting decisions without getting too long or complex? Here are our recommendations.

⭐️ Top Picks

Final Girl

🟢 Ryan’s #12 All-Time


Release Year: 2021 Complexity: Medium

  👥  1 Player

  ⏰  20-40 min

  💸 ~$40*

  🔗  Buy

*Core box is not playable by itself; at least one feature film must be purchased to play.

Summary: You alone must survive and defeat the horror movie killer through a combination of tactical planning and good fortune.

You Might Like If… you enjoy highly thematic experiences, don’t mind randomness, and want a horror-themed solo-only game that has tons of variety as you buy more feature films as any of the killers and locations can be mixed and matched.

Under Falling Skies

🟢 Ryan’s #46 All-Time


Release Year: 2020 Complexity: Medium

  👥  1 Players

  ⏰  30-60 min

  💸 ~$30

  🔗  Buy

Summary: Strategically allocate your dice as you alone command the forces of a city holding off invading aliens.

You Might Like If… you enjoy puzzles and worker placement and want a solo game filled with tough decisions and an opposition whose behavior is predictable and controlled by your own actions.

👍 Honorable Mentions

Aeon’s End

🔴 Daniel’s #21 All-Time


Release Year: 2016 Complexity: Medium

  👥  1-4 Players

  ⏰  60-120 min

  💸 ~$60

  🔗  Buy

Summary: Control mages defending humanity’s last city, harnessing alien powers to destroy monstrosities.

You Might Like If… you enjoy deck-building games and want a cooperative experience with a lot of variety and some unique spins on the genre.

 👀 Worth a Look



Release Year: 2021 Complexity: Medium

  👥  1-4 Players

  ⏰  10-20 min

  💸 ~$35

  🔗  Buy

Summary: Control space heroines defending earth as you clear bullets by forming patterns and triggering special abilities.

You Might Like If… you enjoy spatial puzzles and finding patterns and want a quick and unique real-time game with a dose of push-your-luck as you draw more bullets from your bag.

Heat: Pedal to the Metal


Release Year: 2022 Complexity: Medium

  👥  1-6 Players

  ⏰  30-60 min

  💸 ~$70

  🔗  Buy

Summary: Manage your car’s speed to prevent overheating as you push to win the race.

You Might Like If… you want an easy-to-learn racing game that plays well across a wide range of player counts and has a really elegant deck-building system that is simple but full of interesting decisions.