Best 6 Player Board Games (Medium Complexity)

Looking for a 6-player strategy game that has plenty of interesting decisions without getting too long or complex? Here are our recommendations.

⭐️ Top Picks

7 Wonders

🔴 Daniel’s #44 All-Time


Release Year: 2010 Complexity: Medium

  👥  2-7* Players

  ⏰  30-45 min

  💸 ~$50

  🔗  Buy

*8 Players with Cities expansion

Summary: Simultaneously draft cards to develop your ancient civilization and build its Wonder of the World.

You Might Like If… you enjoy games where you strategically build up your own card tableau and want an option that plays well across a wide player range and has almost no downtime since players are always drafting cards simultaneously.

Dungeon Fighter (Second Edition)

🟢 Ryan’s #36 All-Time 🔴 Daniel’s #25 All-Time


Release Year: 2021 Complexity: Medium

  👥  1-6 Players

  ⏰  45-60 min

  💸 ~$45

  🔗  Buy

Summary: Delve through the dungeon as a team, fighting enemies by bouncing dice off the table onto a target; often being forced to make challenging trick shots.

You Might Like If… you enjoy cooperative and dexterity games and want a funny experience that has the pure fun of trying to bounce dice onto a target wrapped within a dungeon crawler complete with character abilities, room effects, items, and more.

 👀 Worth a Look

Heat: Pedal to the Metal


Release Year: 2022 Complexity: Medium

  👥  1-6 Players

  ⏰  30-60 min

  💸 ~$70

  🔗  Buy

Summary: Manage your car’s speed to prevent overheating as you push to win the race.

You Might Like If… you want an easy-to-learn racing game that plays well across a wide range of player counts and has a really elegant deck-building system that is simple but full of interesting decisions.

Feed the Kraken


Release Year: 2022 Complexity: Medium

  👥  5-11 Players

  ⏰  45-90 min

  💸 ~$55

  🔗  Buy

Summary: Social deduction aboard a ship as sailors, pirates, and cultists vie for influence and secretly work towards their own objectives.

You Might Like If… you enjoy social deduction games and want an option that is a little more of a “big game” experience and still works great and some very high player counts.